Saturday, July 4, 2015

Confederate Flags and Rainbows ... Oh, My!

This past couple of weeks has been tumultuous with uproars, outrage, hate and pity parties over things that are so trivial on the wide scope.

REBEL FLAGS:  Confederate flags are being removed from buildings, parks and stores because one idiot photographed himself holding one.  He committed a horrible racist based crime and the entire country is blaming a flag?  Give me a break.

That flag is about so much more than the issue of slavery.  It represents so much more than racism.  While some people see it as a symbol of a racist mind set.  Others see it as a symbol of history and heritage.

If removing the flag would change history, would undo the harm that slavery did to so many people, then I and a lot of other people would be all for it.  However it won't.  It will not do anything but sweep history under a rug.  So leave that flag alone.

If you want to make a change regarding that flag make it illegal for the KKK to be able to use it in any way.  Even go one step further and make the white hooded costume that they wear to be illegal.  Oh ... but that would take away their "rights".  Yes, it would.  So strange that some rights are more important than others.

RAINBOW COLORS: The other hot topic of the week was the legalization of same sex marriages.  I have never seen so many hateful comments coming from my fellow Christians in all my born days.  Good grief!   Calm down.

So what if gay couples get married?   A change in the civil law about marriages doe not change God's Law.  Stop worrying about it.  God's law will remain the same today as it was yesterday and as it will be tomorrow.  The change in the civil law will not "create" more gay couples just the same as not legalizing gay marriages would eliminate gay couples.  

Look at all the self righteous comments that you have made over this issue and ask yourself if Jesus would have said those things.  Jesus / God loves gay people just as much as he loves heterosexual people.  Surprise!!!! Does that mean that he has changed his stand on the act of sin?  No.  He is the same today as yesterday and the same as He will be tomorrow.  Homosexuality is still a sin just like all other sins.  

He still loves us .... all of us sinners ..... no matter what the sin.   Sins come in a lot of forms so check the list of your own sins before you get all outraged at what other people do.  When we stand before Him and are held accountable for our sins it won't matter if the sin is homosexuality, thievery, a lying tongue, adultery, greed, gluttony, or any of all the other sins.

So ..... worry about yourself.   If everyone would just try to be the most sin free version of themselves that they can be then this world would be a better place.   We can't be perfect because we are human, but we sure could try a little harder.